All currencies accepted.

All prices on the website is given in EUR. By law we can ONLY quote prices in EUR or Swedish SEK. Just as US companies can’t quote price in any currency other than USD (its illegal since 1913 when FED was granted a private monopol to Federal Reserve.

If you purchase on our website and pay over PayPal. PayPal will convert your currency into EUR. However, PayPal exchange rates may not be exactly the same as your bank.

PayPal will let you see the costs before approving any charge of your credit card or PayPal account. Your bank may or may not add fees according to your contract (we do not add any).

What is a JailBreak?

Our JailBreak is our solution to manipulate different aspect of your car. Many functions are blocked by manufacturer to comply with local laws in other countries. We have several types of Jailbreak (and ENZO) depending on your needs.

Check this Video (copy paste link): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvoNsoMK_FI

Software installation is no problems just make sure to watch our installation videos. However, many of our DIY kit requires electrical work. We recommend unqualified customers to use a professional installation service or at least have the installation inspected by a professional. Every year more than 500 persons die in fatal car fires on the highways, The situation is about the same in Europe. In about 30% of the cases the fire starts in the dash or cabin. In about 30 % of the cases the cause is unknown. This underline the importance of observing best practices. The are many ways to make the installation but only one is the best.

We ship with FEDEX worldwide, if you needs a cable or a navigation system. However, to countries like Russia we can not ship without restrictions. We can send parcels as long as we declare the value less than 1000 EUR and less than 32 Kilo per person and month.

If you like your product to be shipped under your contract or with your carrier please send us shipping bills or necessary information.

Within EU we insure it to 100%. When doing export we insure it to somewhat less. If anything happens we take the blame.

Within EU you do not have to pay import tax. Russian, American, Canadian and the rest must be ready to pay import tax. However, we put a very tiny value on anything we ship.
For full info read our shipping and business manual in the download section.

Read our manuals and watch movies from our YouTube channel. We do not explain how it works under FAQ. You should read manuals and watch our YouTube movies before you place any order.

Use the contact form on this website and ask us about your car. Make sure to mention what country you are in (cars made for USA, GCC or EU use different software).

Cars having old software can be converted with 2x USB sticks. Cars with newer software may need additional hardware (Jigsaw adapter).

The Radio Frequency converter shifts the FM band by – 0.1 Hz. For example, you want to tune in 103.2 MHz but the radio will only do 103.1 MHz and 103.3 MHz. In this case you will tune in 103.3 MHz in the radio display and press the button, this will give you 103.2 MHz. This means that if you not have a converter installed OR using any of our full conversion software's, you are only able to listen to a fraction of all stations available in Europe.

However, in Europe we mostly use DAB radio.

Jigsaw adapter is a tool to allow users to converter cars with never software.

You find a youtube video here:

(Copy paste link)

ENZO is a follow up to our Jailbreak but is adding more multimedia functions.

We try to make all our products DIY compliant. But some stuff needs to be shipped to us in Sweden. Read carefully on the product page to find out if the product is a DIY or a "send-in". In Some cases we can offer both types. In that case make sure to mention your intentions in the text-box so that we can add return shipping to the bill before you pays.

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