Jailbreaker Enzo Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/RAM 2013-2022

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Customtronix presents the Jailbreaker Enzo. The Jailbreaker Enzo is a CAN-bus ECU module that re-calculates and changes CAN-bus traffic by request/response logic, giving your Uconnect features not enabled from factory.

The Jailbreaker Enzo is an interface that gives you extra video inputs accessible with the click of a button. You get two multimedia inputs with both audio and video for use with gadgets of your choice. Apart from that you also get one camera input for use as a front camera. A reverse camera can be installed in vehicles that do not come with one from factory. A cargo camera can be installed in vehicles that do not come with one from factory (2016-2019 models ONLY!)

The front camera can be triggered manually by the click of a button, as well as automatically when the gear is changed to D, or when the vehicle is moving in less than 7 mph / 12 kph. This feature can be enabled and disabled with dip-switches on the Jailbreaker Enzo.

Cameras can be mounted in many places! On the back of your trailer to aid parking, under your vehicle for offroad driving, in the side view mirrors to aid parking in tight spaces, in the back seat for use as a baby cam, in the luggage compartment for use as a pet cam.. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do!

RAM vehicles that display the reverse camera in the rear view mirror are NOT compatible with the Jailbreaker Enzo line of products!!

Jailbreaker Enzo works in vehicles with automatic transmission only!! Vehicles with manual transmission are NOT supported!!

The possibilities are endless! Connect a media player, phone mirroring device, Apple TV, Carplay streaming device, anything you need to pimp your ride! If it has composite NTSC video output, it will work. This is a video interface for your Uconnect! Media players/Apple TVs/phone mirroring devices/Carplay streaming devices/Cameras are sold separately!!

The Jailbreaker Enzo is a 100% plug & play kit which is connected between the Uconnect head unit and the vehicle. It is simple to remove if needed for vehicle service appointments or if you need to return your leasing vehicle. The Jailbreaker Enzo runs with OEM Uconnect software and is not affected by software updates.

Use the ENZO coupon (enzo-launch) for 20% discount on additional select multimedia accessories, like cameras and video streamers when ordering Jailbreaker Enzo.

*** Jailbreaker Enzo works in vehicles with automatic transmission only!! Vehicles with manual transmission are NOT supported!! ***

Supported vehicles, if equipped with automatic transmission and 8.4-inch screen version of Uconnect:

RAM 2016-2022 (Vehicles with the reverse camera displayed in the rear view mirror are NOT compatible with Jailbreaker Enzo!!) ONLY 2019-2022 RAM DS models (RAM Classic) are supported!!
Dodge Charger 2015-2022
Dodge Challenger 2015-2022
Dodge Viper 2013-2017
Dodge Durango 2014-2020
Chrysler 300 2015-2022
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014-2019

Make sure to give your cars VIN in the text box during the checkout process.

Please update your Uconnect head unit to the latest software version to ensure compatibility with the Jailbreaker Enzo line of products! Updates are free of charge to download from Chrysler!

Product contents:

  • Jailbreaker Enzo hardware
  • Jailbreaker Enzo cable harness

Product Manual:



  • Controlled by Cortex ARM CPU and NXP CAN-bus chipsets
  • Added video inputs for cameras
  • Added video inputs for multimedia
  • Lockout disable (making it possible to enter addresses in motion)
  • Auto activated front camera feature at low speed (optional)
  • Enzo cable harness for Plug & play and video inputs
  • 12 volts Acc output (2x 500mA max)
  • Simple to update via SD-card
  • The OEM reverse camera can NOT be viewed at speeds exceeding 12 kph / 7 mph on Harman Becker made Uconnect head units. Panasonic made Uconnects can view the reverse camera at any speed.

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2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

Type of Technology

VP4 8″ (Harman), VP4 8″ (Panasonic), VP4-R 12″ (Panasonic)


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