Jailbreaker Enigma RETROACTIVE Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/RAM 2014-2017

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Customtronix presents the Jailbreaker Enigma RETROACTIVE for Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/RAM 2014-2017. The Jailbreaker Enigma family of products is a CAN-bus simulator that changes Uconnect settings in order to enable features that your vehicle is not equipped with from factory, but in an OEM fashion.

To equip your Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/RAM 2014-2017 with Apple Car Play or Android Auto, you need to exchange your Uconnect head unit with a recent 2018-model unit from Panasonic. Most new features will already be available by just swapping the unit, but depending on the model year of your car you will face several problems and Jailbreaker Enigma RETROACTIVE solves them ALL!

In vehicles from 2014 the soft buttons for heated/vented seats and heated steering wheel are grayed out and unusable: FIXED! 

In some vehicles you will find menu structures in the custom settings menu without any content: FIXED!

In some vehicles, configurable features like air suspension among others do not show up properly, but guess what? FIXED!

(We are trying to match as many vehicle configurations as possible. If you are still missing something, please contact us!)

Activate new features quickly

When you read about retrofitting in forums you will find statements like “The car will need to sleep several hours or overnight.” Not with Jailbreaker Enigma RETROACTIVE. Our product offers a “Reset Navigation” Feature by holding the back button for 3 seconds. Also see the video of our new product “Enzo” to get this feature explained (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNWyYqRQxXY). Get your new unit running within minutes. Why wait for your new features when you don’t have to?

The Jailbreaker Enigma is a 100% plug & play kit which is connected between the UConnect head unit and the vehicle. It is simple to remove if needed for vehicle service appointments or if you need to return your leasing vehicle. The Jailbreaker Enigma runs with OEM UConnect software and is not affected by software updates. This is a hardware solution that does not need any software installs or updates whatsoever.

This product is compatible with most 2014-2017 Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/RAM vehicles retrofitted with the 2018 Panasonic 8.4-inch monitor version of UConnect.

Apple Carplay / Android Auto will NOT work in vehicles retrofitted with Panasonic Uconnect head units, unless the media hub is replaced with one that supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto! Media hubs and Panasonic Uconnect head units sold separately!

Please update your Uconnect head unit to the latest software version to ensure compatibility with the Jailbreaker Enigma line of products! Updates are free of charge to download from Chrysler!


Product Manual:


Product contents:

  • Jailbreaker Enigma RETROACTIVE hardware
  • Jailbreaker Enigma cable harness.


Retrofit-Support for 2018 Panasonic UAQ, UAS and UGQ in Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/RAM 2014-2017. In detail:

  • Vehicles Model Year 2014: Enabling Front Heated Seat Control
  • Vehicles Model Year 2014: Enabling Front Ventilated Seat Control
  • Vehicles Model Year 2014: Enabling Heated Steering Wheel Control
  • Vehicles Model Year 2014-2017: Disabling Display of corrupted Navigation Information in Instrument Cluster
  • Vehicles Model Year 2014-2015: Showing complete and Vehicle-specific Customer Configuration Menus in Panasonic Unit
  • Simple Navigation Reset on Back Button

Customtronix also offers special RETROACTIVE-PREMIUM Editions, including all RETROACTIVE features plus:

  • SRT / Performance Pages
  • DAB-Enabler
  • Lockout Functionality

We also offer complete Retrofit Kits including the Jailbreaker Enigma RETROACTIVE and the Panasonic UConnect UAQ, UAS and UGQ at a special price.

Feel free to contact us.

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VP4 8″ (Panasonic)


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