Jailbreaker Enigma Delphi EU kit

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*** This product will NOT enable navigation in Delphi-made Uconnect modules!! ***

Some model year 2019 RAMs and 2018/19 Jeep Wranglers are shipped without navigation. While this version of Uconnect can not be modified for use with GPS-navigation, it is still possible to enable European languages in the menus and EU-style radio frequencies (even steps). European letters like Ä, Ö and Ü will appear normally in the menus, but will not display properly in the RDS field. 

The Jailbreaker Enigma is a 100% plug & play kit which is connected between the Uconnect head unit and the vehicle. It is simple to remove if needed for vehicle service appointments or if you need to return your leasing vehicle. The Jailbreaker Enigma runs with OEM Uconnect software and is not affected by software updates. This is a hardware solution that does not need any software installs or updates whatsoever.

Please update your Uconnect head unit to the latest software version to ensure compatibility with the Jailbreaker Enigma line of products! Updates are free of charge to download from Chrysler!


Product Manual:


Product contents:

  • Jailbreaker Enigma Delphi EU hardware
  • Jailbreaker Enigma cable harness.


  • European language menus
  • European style radio frequencies (even steps)

Additional information

Weight1 kg

2019, 2020

Type of Technology

VP4 8″ (Delphi)


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