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*** If your 2019 model vehicle is running maps off of SD-card, then you can purchase a SD-card with European maps here. *** Please check the photos to verify which model of navigation your vehicle is equipped with.

Customtronix ICOS GMAX conversion converts all the new GM cars with HMI 2.5 (IO6 units) from 2016 and up to EU standard. Supported languages for speech, voice and menus are English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Czech, Hungarian, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian. Our standard conversion enables you to use map databases of Europe and parts of Russia. The radio will also be converted to euro FM-frequencies. The HMI + radio units need to be shipped to us in Sweden for conversion. (See photos)

Cars that has been converted:

  1. Silverado,
  2. Colorado,
  3. Suburban,
  4. Tahoe,
  5. Escalade,
  6. Denali,
  7. Yukon
  8. Corvette C7
  9. Camaro

Important points about the conversion:

  • To do the conversion you will need to send us the:
    A: HMI-box
    B: Radio (see info/pictures).
  • If the car doesn’t have navigation it’s NOT possible to convert! It’s missing hardware and you will need to replace the HMI unit. (See photos above.)
  • If your 2019 vehicle is running maps off of SD-card, then we are not able to convert it!
  • AFTER conversion/upgrade you will need to contact us for upgrades which is uploaded via USB.
  • The radio and HMI can not be moved between cars! Please put a note on each module so that it is clear beyond doubt to what vehicle the modules belong. 
  • Note: Your vehicle will not start if the HMI is missing! Make sure it is parked in a convenient location.

When ordering make sure to leave following info about your GM car.

  1. VIN-number (all 17)
  2. model year,
  3. model.

We do not have access to GM’s VIN number system and need it in clear text.

Additional information

Weight2.2 kg

2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Type of Technology

HMI 2016-19 GM


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