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The DAB-antenna splitter. The antenna splitters allows you to use your standard FM-radio antenna to receive DAB broadcast.
Most cars do not have a DAB antenna. Even if you order a RAX conversion with the DAB activated it will not work unless you connect an antenna. This splitter takes the DAB signal from the FM-radio antenna and transforms it into a clean DAB signal.

The DAB-splitter is also acting as a FM-radio amplifier, making not only your DAB to work but improving the quality on the regular FM-radio reception as well.
To install the DAB splitter we recommend that you use a qualified car or audio technician.

However, this only works on export units (VP4-ROW) and genuine EU units (RG4). It does not work on US RA3 and RA4 units (VP4-NA/MX or CA). It does not work on cars with shark antennas.

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