Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge RHP conversion.

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Customtronix converts the MyGIG RHR units. The conversion is 100%. After conversion the customer can install and run any version or application.

IF you have a VES system on-board (Vehicle entertainment System) You need to change the DVD region for the VES (Roof DVD) in the cars Vehicle configuration system (CANbus) to EU region. You need a StarScan tool. Note: If you are upgrading your old car (like a 2009 car) with a MyGIG RHP you may need such things as Bezels fill, Mic and new GPS antenna to properly install a MYGIG system.

The conversion must be made by our staff. Therefore send the head-unit to us, only. Disassemble manual is available on our website.

NOTE: Some USA CARS have problems with RHW (or converted RHR/RHP) German/English voice guidance function. The reason seems to be that the cars amplifiers doesn’t understand the CANbus signal it gets from the MYGIG. If can be resolved by contacting Chrysler support. A microphone have to be installed in the car computer, this allows the car computer to download a driver-program works with the amplifiers (Chrysler Support knows more). Recently another very rare problem have turned up on some few MYGIG:s, The pair function-soft-key appears “dimmed” (gedimmt) and it is not possible to pair a phone. Currently Harman/Becker have not issued any bug-fix for this.

Please note that Harman/Becker have recently transferred the software maintenance to India. We have seen missing menu text etc in the DVD menu and other problems. This have nothing to do with the conversion.

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2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

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MYGIG RHP (Harman), MYGIG RHW (Harman)


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