Blinker Splitter version 4 (powered) USA to EU

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The ICOS Blinker Splitter has been designed for converting USA Specification car rear lights to European Standard. The American system of direction indication is by blinking the brake lights, which is not allowed in Europe, as all direction indicators must be Amber. Prior to the invention of the ICOS Blinker Splitter the most common method of converting the lights was to wire from the front indicators all the way to the rear. This entails a lot of work concealing wires, and also creates a problem with the lamp fault indicators, and the brake lights.

The version 4 (MK4) gives you the option to power the blinker-splitter (normally a passive device). This will give you extra flexibility.

It is also used by many professional car builder and professional car converters of USA cars. It requires no tools or special equipment to install.

The blinker-splitter makes it easy to convert break and turn-lights on USA imported car to EU standard. One (1) Blinker-splitter per car is required. If you change to LED lamps you may still use the blinker-splitter if you compensate the system for lack of resistance (load). It is also possible to use the Blinker-Splitter on cars with factory installed LED lamps like Mustang 2011. Read the manual.

If you have a car with LED-lamps AND a lamp Failure function you DO NOT NEED TO BUY a LFOD – Lamp Failure Override Devices. Our new Blinker-splitters have LFOD internally.

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