• Payment and Prices

    Payment and Prices

    All prices on the website is given in EUR. By law we can ONLY quote prices in EUR or Swedish SEK. Just as US companies can’t quote price in any currency other than USD (its illegal since 1913 when FED was granted a private monopol), we needs to stick to EUR/SEK.

    If you purchase on our website and pay over PayPal. PayPal will convert your currency into EUR. On our website you have a currency exchange function that you can use to check cross rates. However, PayPal exchange rates may not be exactly the same as your bank.

    PayPal will let you see the costs before approving any charge of your credit card or PayPal account. Your bank may or may not add fees according to your contract (we do not add any).

  • What is a JailBreak??

    What is a JailBreak??

    Our JailBreak is the same type of products as Coastal Electronics Lockpicks but with important differences. It is only software based and have more features. No black box like Coastal’s lockpicks. Everything is in the software.

    Check this Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvoNsoMK_FI
    You have 3 different versions of JailBreak??

    Yes for a full product spec. you must read further under each version.

    Can I use “Lock out” function if the car have a VESs system??
    Choose the Icon of source.
    For example
    *if you want to watch the Bluray/DVD you need to choose the “Disc Icon” on the navigation head (dash) unit and from there choose rear entertainment.
    *if you want to watch the “AVI1″ you need to choose the “AV1 Icon” on the navigation head unit and from there chose rear entertainment.

    Some have cables and cameras??

    To cover 99% of the market we have 3 levels of kit. Bronze is just software, Silver JailBreak is a basic cable for DIY and Gold JailBreak is for customer that wants a cargo camera + front/rear camera..further under each version.

    Can I Re-route mirror revcam to Uconnect 8.4??

    Yes, check how on our YouTube channel.

    Can you make special version for me?

    We rather not. It take along time and cost a lot of money. Outcome is not guaranteed. What we can do is to enable some camera ports etc (there is a total of 3) on Silver and Bronze JailBreak. One port is probably already in use by the factory installed rear cam.

    Can I use any software to update my JailBreak??

    No, only our software.

    On the Video I noticed that you was showing Apple TV or/and Video?

    As long as you can stream it (or run it from phone memory) you can watch any multimedia or Video presentation (like YouTube). However, JailBreak does not offer any internet connectivity alone. Nor does it have a video player software. You needs a phone, cables and a HDMI converter + a skills set.. Suggest you check in on one of the forums that deals with this issue on a daily basis to get the latest.

    Any chances that a future harness would include a HDMI input?

    The unit doesn’t have any digital inputs so.. NO it will never happens :-(

    Will it activate maps on a VP3 version of the 8.4″ radio??

    No it will not. You needs to contact a Chrysler dealer for a activation code. This code should be kept in a safe place as you may need it in the future.

    Will JailBreak give me the SRT app??

    Some cars are SRT from factory, SRT will still work in these cars after installation of jailbreak. However, most USA cars have no SRT from factory and we can not add the SRT app in those cars. Some Canadian cars can have the SRT app (like 50-50%). EU, GCC and OZ can have the SRT app. The reason for the problems American (USA) customers have is the US. SPRINT 3G system. Chrysler is monitoring your car 24-hours, 365 days a year. If the SRT app is installed the system will notice that and uninstall the SRT app. Our JailBreak is not detected.

    I’m in Canada.. will JailBreak give me US apps?

    No it will not since the Canadian versions doesn’t have a eCell installed, meaning that the CA version have no access to any apps or etc.

    I’m in USA.. after installation the app is gone?

    That is a pretty common issue! when you upgrade the software what ever is ours or chryslers the apps and etc, normally disappears for a while. This is due to the software is wiping all the information but it will come back when the Uconnect (eCell) gets online again, some of our beta testers lives in the countryside, it can take 3 days for some of them to get the apps back.

    Will JailBreak work on VP1 and VP2 version of the 8.4″ radio??

    Our current JailBreak software works only on VP3 (8.4A/RA3) and VP4 (8.4AN/RA4) versions…

    What is Rollback??

    A Rollback is a program that restore the radio to factory standard. Like from a JailBreak back to factory.

    How many times can I use a Token?

    You can only use a Token in the car that you have given the VIN number for. You can not use the Token file to activate JailBreak on any other car (VIN number check will stop that). However, you can run the installation several times in that car… like JailBreak-Rollback-JailBreak-Rollback-JailBreak.

    You can NOT move the Radio between cars. If you move the radio you must purchase a new Token file for the new car.

    Can I make the installation myself.

    Software installation is no problems just make sure to watch our installation videos. However, many of our DIY kit requires electrical work. We recommend unqualified customers to use a professional installation service or at least have the installation inspected by a professional. Every year more than 500 persons die in fatal car fires on the highways, The situation is about the same in Europe. In about 30% of the cases the fire starts in the dash or cabin. In about 30 % of the cases the cause is unknown. This underline the importance of observing best practices. The are many ways to make the installation but only one is the best.


    Shipping basics.

    We ship with FEDEX worldwide, if you needs a cable or a navigation system. However, to countries like Russia we can not ship without restrictions. We can send parcels as long as we declare the value less than 1000 EUR and less than 32 Kilo per person and month.

    If you like your product to be shipped under your contract or with your carrier please send us shipping bills or necessary information.

    Please do not send it with FEDEX, use something cheaper!!??

    With our FEDEX contract we have very low prices. Actually shipping with Postal service etc will be more expensive and less secure.

    Have you shipped yet??

    When we ship we update the information on your account with all information. Our shopping system sends out information. FEDEX system will send out a tracking message. There is no needs to call us or send emails. If nothing of above happens you will still have your package within some few days.

    With the tracking number you can visit FEDEX website and follow your parcel.

    Is the parcel insured??

    Within EU we insure it to 100%. When doing export we insure it to somewhat less. If anything happens we take the blame.

    Will I have to pay import TAX??

    Within EU you do not have to pay import tax. Russian, American, Canadian and the rest must be ready to pay import tax. However, we put a very tiny value on anything we ship.
    For full info read our shipping and business manual in the download section..

  • Chrysler RAX conversion FAQ Questions here

    RAX Conversion (European, GCC, Russian and Australian customers) FAQ:

    How can I do a RAX conversion (or a Jailbreak) update??

    Read our manuals and watch movies from our YouTube channel. We do not explain how it works under FAQ. You should read manuals and watch our YouTube movies before you read any further. For FAQ regarding JailBreak read our FAQ for JailBreak as well.

    I bought the car and I don’t know the status of the radio in my car?

    We have a test token that you put on a empty USB stick and plug into the radio. It will tell you if your radio have been converted by us (a issue for EU and ROW customer only) or if the unit is untouched/virgin. It will work on all radios unless it is the infamous version 13.19.XX of AGT in Switzerland that does not accepts USB sticks.

    I have Chrysler model XXXX why can I not find any info about that car on your website??

    We focus on the radio.. the important is that you know what type of radio you have, we really do not care about the specific Chrysler models/cars. VP3 and VP4 radios is the new standard radio for Chrysler and the models and wirings and adapters are identical wherever you find these fine radios.. for radio info use this link: http://www.driveuconnect.com/

    Can I have other languages than Chrysler standard packages??

    Currently we do only offers Chrysler standard languages (Supported languages are English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Brazilian, Portuguese and Russian).

    Can RAX converted radios (and Jailbreak) be updated after??

    Yeas, we release RAX enabled updates ASAP they come online. On top of that we have a rollback software that you can use to get it back to factory standard. Personally I follow this rule “.. if it works don’t fuck with it”.

    Do you use different programs for NA (North America) and EU (European Union) versions?

    Yeas we do.
    A jailbreak for NA looks something lie this: Jailbreaker_InstallOne_14_25_5015NA.rar
    A RAX Conversion or jailbreak for EU or ROW (Rest Of World) may look something like this: Jailbreaker_InstallOne_14.22.1315_EU_RW.rar

    Can I use the first (installone) file for all of your programs and updates??

    Yeas you can.. the first file contains all settings (we actually only change the settings, no hacking). So a European customers that make a conversion from NA to EU and later opt in for a jailbreak can use the same USB stick for both the conversion and later the Jailbreak. He can also order both at the same time and run the conversion + Jailbreak in one turn..

    Why do your Token files have strange names??

    The name on the token can be like this 1C6RR7MT8ES127692+convert+dab+lang.token the name carries a instruction for the software guy and the installation firmware. The name can not be changed. Windows like to rename certain files. If that happens you must use a method that does not change or alter the name when you save it to the Tokens folder on USB stick 1. Suggest you use Copy/paste or the extract function on archive/emails.

    Why do you have 2 USB stick for some services?

    Customers from EU, GCC, Russia and Australian needs to update their databases for some services get their systems working as NA systems. NA customers so far only needs one (1) USB stick.

    What is a Token file?

    It is a license file that we use for protecting our settings files. This need to be placed in the “Tokens” folder on USB stick nr 1. You may run any USB stick without a Token file but it will not take effect before a token is in the folder and it may damage your radio (do not try this at home).

    On a USB stick you may store several Token files in the Tokens folder. You can make several copies of that USB stick and run conversions or JailBreaks updates on your whole car fleet at the same time.

    I am located in Canada will the SRT app work in my truck??

    Yeas it will.

    Will any of my SRT app be lost??

    No app will be lost.

    Will TMC work??

    Yeas it will in most cases but read this as a background info. The TMC is programmed into the car computer at the factory when the car leaves the plant to a destination that have TMC. Many car dealers have exactly the same car but one have TMC the other car have no TMC. Reason is that he car having no TMC was originally planed to be shipped to a none TMC country, before one of the big car dealers bought it in a deal.

    In USA TMC is broadcasted over XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio, all over the USA. In Europe we use standard FM-radio.

    We have enabled the TMC for our RAX conversion customers (for export version cars only, USA/CA cars can not have TMC due to hardware issues).

    Find more info here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traffic_message_channel

    Will DAB work??

    DAB is a European digital radio system (standard). Equivalent to XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio in the USA.

    We enable DAB radio in our conversion settings. You may choose to use DAB but please understand this:

    For DAB to work you needs to have a DAB antenna (this is not standard on Chryslers export cars).
    Your car must be a export car where the radio have a DAB motherboard.
    DAB cannot and should not be activated on cars that have:
    VP3 or VP4 NA -MX or -CA (click for pic).

    What about factory warranties after using any of you RAX solutions??

    Factory warranty will be void but you can always use our Rollback firmware to uninstall JailBreak or restore a converted radio (maps will still be there).

    Can a garage see any signs of you programs (Warranty issues)??

    A normal “grease monkey” can not be trained to that level. However trained eye may notice that versions etc is changed to none factory standards

  • What is you radio converter doing, Do I miss out stations if I don’t have a converter to my American car radio?

    The Radio Frequency converter shifts the FM band by – 0.1 Hz. For example, you want to tune in 103.2 MHz but the radio will only do 103.1 MHz and 103.3 MHz. In this case you will tune in 103.3 MHz in the radio display and press the button, this will give you 103.2 MHz. This means that if you not have a converter installed along with your American car radio, you are only able to listen to a fraction of all stations available in Europe.

  • Do your blinker splitter work on all cars??

    Do your blinker splitter work on all cars??

    Most cars. Until now we have not failed. However visit http://www.cartown.eu for purchase or more info.

  • I did a RER to REW converting of my MyGIG. You promised that the DVD player should be region 2. But it is still region 1 why?

    I did a RER to REW converting of my MyGIG. You promised that the DVD player should be region 2. But it is still region 1 why?

    When we convert a MyGIG we re-program the DVD player to region 2. However in some models the cars own system overwrite the DVD settings. To solve this you have to drive to a garage and set the car to European region. This will make the DVD player region 2. We have a manual on our website how to fix this on most old cars having a MYGIG radio system.

  • Why can’t I do the converter thing myself and save a lot of money?

    Why can’t I do the converter thing myself and save a lot of money?

    Well you can.. at least if you have a chrysler car with a VP3 or VP4 radio.

    However, some brands like Ford, GMC etc needs to be sent to us for conversion. Mainly the type of conversion we call HYBRID conversions. Some advanced customer only buy the hardware as a kit and do the installation by them self. We use bench-tester equipment to check that everthing is OK before shipped.